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In Between 
(Post Production)

Executive Producer, Director, Co-Writer

It’s been one year since the Split, an event that split up the planet's population onto a different Earth. The people who are gone are still alive, they just live in a different dimension similar to ours. College dropout Gardner lost his parents and little brother in the Split. He now lives at home, leaving everything untouched in hopes that one day his family will return. That is until he meets Terra, a girl who is always looking to have fun. Terra helps Gardner out of his Miss Havisham state of living, and a romance slowly blooms between them. 

Will this Romance go as expected?

Executive Producer, Co-Writer

Two identical dancers, both named Anna live separate lives in China and America, until their worlds collide in an existential journey about how family and chance can change your life forever. We are using dance to express the characters' internal world, and we use the ocean to represent the separation of these twins.

Being a young Asian-American crew and cast of mostly students, we want to tell the story of our community using universal themes of identity, existentialism, and culture. Water has always been a symbol of spirituality in arthouse films throughhe century, and we want to use it here to visualize the internal world of our characters.

Once this film is finished, we will submit it to festivals around the world in hopes of getting it picked up and sold to distribution companies. You can help by donating whatever you can to help pay for our production needs. If we pass our goal, we can use extra funds for post-production, including VFX, sound, and festival submissions.

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An Ocean Apart

Abstract Background

Self Help (Chapman TV Writing & Producing Thesis)


Quinn’s future self can’t help changing the past, there’s always something he can do just a little bit better, and Quinn’s sick of it.