Past Works: 


Anastasia (2019)

Producer, Writer, Director, Production Designer 

After Anastasia's death, her husband brought her back to life by transporting her consciousness into a robot. Anastasia suffers from a loss of control of her body and autonomy. 

Pillow Fight (2021)

Writer, Director

Peini and David start a fight after David comes prematurely. David wants to do another round immediately after but Peini thinks there is more things to be changed. 

Losing It Poster.jpg

Losing It (2021)

Producer, Director, Production Designer

Two sisters, Mabel (70s) and Eleanor (70s) discuss how they feel lonely in the nursing home on Christmas morning. The conversation heats up when Mabel reveals a secret while she constantly forgets what is going on in the moment. 

Floating (2021)

Assistant Director

A Chinese girl travels to the U.S. to confront the woman her father left for 20 years ago.  

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All That Glitters Is Not Marigold (2022)

Executive Producer, Director, Costume Designer

When a rising Actress comes under consideration for a large Superhero role, her life and sanity begin to fall apart as she battles a physical manifestation of the stress and fear she feels.

Jennie (2021) 

Writer, Director, Costume Designer


Also the 1st Assistant Director for: 

Ordinary People (2021) 

Lavender (2021) 

The Danger of Thinking You're God (TV Pilote) (2022)